Your University of Manitoba Dental Alumni Association

New faces, new ideas, new directions. Since its reformation in 2008, that has been the mantra of the University of Manitoba Dental Alumni Association.

The UMDAA is working to develop and increase its presence on the oral health stage in the province and become an active voice for professionals who earned their designations through the University of Manitoba.

“Our alumni should have a voice in matters that affect us,” said Dr. Scott Leckie, the first president of the organization since its re-launch several years a go. “It is our mandate and our commitment to do what is needed to have a lasting and positive impact on our school and our profession.”

In addition to supporting the college and the profession, the UMDAA also serves as a fraternal organization for its many members. Several times through the course of the years, members will have the opportunity to gather together for fellowship and camaraderie at various professional and social gatherings and events. Each year, the UMDAA joins with the College of Dentistry for alumni receptions at various locations across Canada and the United States.

And, of course, there is always the annual Alumni of Distinction awards evening, the signature event of the UMDAA. Every autumn, alumni gather together for the annual salute to excellence in the oral health community. Now approaching its 12th year, the Alumni of Distinction Evening has become one of the most popular and significant events on the professional calendar in Manitoba.

All graduates of the College of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba are welcome and encouraged to join with the UMDAA in pursuit of their broad mandate and to share in the ongoing celebration of the profession. Memberships are available to all members of the alumni community regardless of where they live.

For Manitoba-based practitioners, voting memberships for one year are only $50 plus GST.
For out of province and associate members: $35 plus GST

Those wishing to get involved in the UMDAA are invited and encouraged to contact any of the members of the executive. E-mail inquiries can be sent to or to

Advantages of Membership
The University of Manitoba Dental Alumni Association Wants YOU! As a voting member of the UMDAA, you can help us ensure:

  • A strong Alumni voice in College of Dentistry affairs.
  • UMDAA will be more effective and more relevant than ever.
  • A lasting bond with students and the College.
  • The University of Manitoba remains one of the top dental schools in Canada.