Emergency Patient Oral Health Care Trust Fund

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Fund Purpose
To fund emergency oral health care for individuals who present to the College of Dentistry Emergency Clinic who are without the financial capacity to pay for the emergency services.

Historically, the Faculty of Dentistry previously provided such emergent treatment at a nominal or no cost to these disadvantaged individuals. Recently and regrettably, fees for all oral health services at the College of Dentistry have become an integral part of the college’s revenue stream and as a consequence the College is no longer providing these emergent services without application and payment of the designated fee for service. The University of Manitoba Alumni Association has therefore established the above-mentioned trust to cover the cost of emergency treatment for this cohort of disadvantaged individuals with the hope that the college will reconsider their position in treating such patients in the future.

Fund Type

Fund Revenue
Donation from members of the UMDAA

All funding decisions will be made by the treating dental student and by the full or part-time faculty member supervising the Emergency Oral Health Care clinic at the time treatment is required. To guide the decision making process, the “Criteria for use of UMDAA Funds” will be available to instructors supervising the emergency clinic. Completion of this form will allow part-time or full-time clinicians to access the UNDAA fund for emergency oral health services.

The trust will cover the cost of emergency treatment for this cohort of individuals. This fund is purposed to provide emergency, not continuing, oral health care for this cohort of patients on a one time basis. The maximum fees to be incurred for a single patient thorough this trust will not exceed $300 (this fee amount is based on the fee guide of the College of Dentistry). A record will be kept of the procedures and costs of services provided through this initiative by Clinic Administration. The Associate Dean Clinics will make a monthly submission to Donor Relations to transfer the monies to the College of Dentistry Clinic.